Virginia Bed & Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

Cover of Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

I totally got this book at a Virginia Costco. I, personally, think that is cool. At the time, I didn’t expect Costco to have books of any sort, much less nifty-neato cookbooks like this one. I now know otherwise, of course, but at the time it was a totally new idea to me.

I was, with my ex-husband, going through something of a bed & breakfast phase. We’d gone to at least one for an anniversary trip, maybe two by then, and liked to contemplate more.

I still like to contemplate more, but the traveling around has been mostly reduced. Maybe next time we go visit New Mexico Bill and I will look into staying in a B&B. More likely, though, we’ll just keep staying with friends and at an airport hotel the night before we fly out at why-the-hell-is-our-flight-so-early-like-before-breakfast-starts-early.… Continue reading →

Red Chile Bible by Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins

Cover of Red Chile Bible by Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins

I’ll tell you what. I made “the last entry”: so short because I knew I had this one to make, and I was worried they’d sound rather similar. So I saved most of the good stuff for the second post.

Why? Well, that gets into “the good stuff”. Let’s start with the basics.

Go into any New Mexican restaurant that serves New Mexican (or some will say Mexican) food and you will hear the state question: “Red or green?” It is my impression that “green” wins most of the time, but if you overheard Bill and I with my parents, you’d hear them say, “Red”, Bill say, “Christmas” and me say, “Can I get both on the side, please?”

I know my order sounds a lot like “Christmas, on the side” but it is a little different.… Continue reading →

Green Chile Bible

Cover of Green Chile Bible

If you’re not a native New Mexican, you’re probably thinking I have this book because we’re issued it at birth. If you ARE a native New Mexican, you’re probably thinking, “Why wasn’t I issued that at birth?!?!” Even if you hate green chile, you’re probably wondering that.

You could argue that, in my case, it’s because I was born long before the book was published. That sounds like a convincing argument, I admit, but I’m sure it’s incorrect. Neither my sister nor Bill’s sister was given a copy for their children when they left the hospital years AFTER this cookbook was published.

Probably it’s just a little oversight on the part of the New Mexico government. No doubt it will be rectified soon.

Number of recipes in this book: 268 (Estimated)
Number of recipes we’ve made: 0

You can click the “green chile bible” tag below to see all the recipes we’ve made from this book.… Continue reading →