Virginia Bed & Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

Cover of Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

I totally got this book at a Virginia Costco. I, personally, think that is cool. At the time, I didn’t expect Costco to have books of any sort, much less nifty-neato cookbooks like this one. I now know otherwise, of course, but at the time it was a totally new idea to me.

I was, with my ex-husband, going through something of a bed & breakfast phase. We’d gone to at least one for an anniversary trip, maybe two by then, and liked to contemplate more.

I still like to contemplate more, but the traveling around has been mostly reduced. Maybe next time we go visit New Mexico Bill and I will look into staying in a B&B. More likely, though, we’ll just keep staying with friends and at an airport hotel the night before we fly out at why-the-hell-is-our-flight-so-early-like-before-breakfast-starts-early.… Continue reading →

[37] Peaches & Crème Brûlée French Toast

Cover of Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

Did I mention I love peaches at any point on this blog? I’m sure I haven’t.

Oh, man, peaches. Peaches, peaches, peaches.

Unfortunately, the farmers at the farmers’ market tell me that peach season has basically ended. I might see another week of them, but I probably will not unless I go to a market tomorrow or Tuesday (basically, markets I don’t normally go to). So, I have some peaches I’ve frozen and a few fresh ones left with which to make this recipe again.

Which is good, because this recipe is a winner. Probably. It actually hasn’t quite worked out in my kitchen yet, but it’s getting there. We’ve made it twice, and both times it was quite tasty, but the texture left something to be desired.… Continue reading →