Science Links

Retraction Watch, which you will see over on the right as one of the blogs I enjoy, recently retracted their advice for going to editors of scientific literature regarding misconduct. Editors will often first suggest contacting authors, which is a problem. “Contacting authors before anyone else knows about potential issues in their work, only serves to give unethical scientists time to hide their tracks – and let’s face it, those who are actually guilty of misconduct probably don’t have any scruples about covering up the evidence of that misconduct.”

I love the phrase “a bit of a goth parrot,” and it’s fascinating to read about this relatively oddball-looking parrot also being rare in behaviors by using tools. Grinding down seashells, eh? Possibly for the calcium! Very interesting.

You all know how I felt when I found out about liquid water on Mars, but I’m wondering how YOU felt. Did you care? Was it exciting? And while that’s what I want to know, my friend Dr. Paige Jarreau would love to know WHERE you were.