Post to Post

I’m writing this post literally to post. Because I still want to be updating this blog and writing about my life and my food and vinegar and probably even beer. I’m just out of the habit. So, here’s an extremely short update on me. You know, just to jump-start a habit.

I did move to New Mexico. I’ve been here about a year, and it’s been extremely interesting to learn and relearn things about this place. I’m glad to be near so much of my biological family, as well as a big chunk of Bill’s biological family. It’s incredibly fun to be able to take niblings out! I don’t think I’ve done enough of that, but that just means I should do more, right?

I realized, as I started this, that I never told my readers we lost Kiki the dog in September of 2020. Because that year needed to be worse. It sucked so, so much, and I still miss her little toothless smile so many days. But that’s the agreement we have with pets – we’re going to outlive them. Hopefully. And, in Kiki’s case, I am especially glad I did since she’d already lost one human and had to be rehomed (with Bill and I).

I’m not without pets, though. October and November of 2020 each brought me a cat. And I know that I should be putting photos of my little monsters up (especially since the internet runs on cat photos), but I can’t get my phone and my laptop to talk, so you all will just have to wait on that. I promise it’s worth the wait, though. They are extremely cute.

The last thing I’ll share, for now, is that I learned I really always was a desert baby. It took almost no effort to reduce the length of my showers, and I know I still work harder than many of my friends in other locales at being careful with water. But here I’m normal. And here? Everyone understands when I say I’m done writing this post because it’s going to rain soon, and I want to watch that happen.