Some Thoughts on Two Years Without a Microwave

Almost two years ago, Bill and I moved into our current home. And it wasn’t until we were about a week or two in, trying to reheat leftovers when we realized: no microwave!

We had always rented places with built-in microwaves, so it didn’t even register with us that we didn’t own a microwave until we “needed” it. We laughed, reheated on the stove, and said we’d get one. And then, we never did. Eventually, we made the conscious decision not to buy one, as our counters were so crammed full of appliances anyway. And we’d been doing without it for so long!

Well, it’s time to move again. And that means the usual: packing, purging, cleaning, etc. That said, one particular part of “purging” is “using up food in the kitchen.” Which, to be quite honest about, I have done kind of a crappy job about. Frankly, especially with my pretty strong mental health struggles and then losing one of our beloved dogs right as I was declaring myself back on track, I have eaten a lot of frozen pizza and food at my work and ramen and < insert college food here >.

And two nights ago, I indulged in delivery, rather than go to the store to make a recipe from Northwest Edible. This was a mistake. And did I throw out the delivery?

No! Of course not. As shitty as that fluke was/is, it really is just a fluke. So I had leftovers for lunch today.

Leftover teryaki chicken, rice, and carrots being stirred together in a black skillet.

Now, as I have mentioned, I am bad at lunch. So reheating leftovers is always an improvement over whatever my other likely actions would have been. But without a microwave, reheating leftovers is a bit more of a challenge. The kind of challenge I tend to avoid when I’m grouchy. Or alone. Or ravenous because I forgot to eat until OMGFEEDNOW.

Today, I am proud of myself because I managed to: reheat leftovers. Even after I got ravenous because I forgot to eat. And I even thought to add some veggies to the pan to use up food and make it a bit more healthful!

I wouldn’t have done that if I’d had a microwave. But I also forgot I don’t like cooked carrots, so I might have done better if I had a microwave…

Anyway, this is a lot of rambling (not sorry) that can be summed up as, “Tasha really hopes the next place has a microwave, but doesn’t want one so much she’s likely to buy one if it doesn’t.” Because, really? My leftovers reheated on the stove are almost always more tasty. BUT… It is more work.

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  1. someone needs to make a countertop sized combi oven, and eliminate all need for microwaves forever

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