SheBrew! I Judge!

Is it required that one drink a homebrew the night before they get to go judge a homebrew competition for the first time? I hope not, because I don’t think I have one in the house as I type this up.

That’s right, I got invited recently to be a judge (under the helm/wing of at least one BJCP judge) tomorrow at SheBrew! This appears to be a relatively new competition in Portland, Oregon, and I know the organizers have worked hard to make it big and awesome. When I last logged into my judge page, there were 92 entries processed for tomorrow.

Thank goodness there’s no world in which I’ll be expected to try all of them!

Two snapped in half hop cones positioned in front of a small notebook with a red pen inside it.

I will be there tomorrow judging beers within a few categories, but I don’t yet know where they’ll put me. I’m excited to find out. And check it all out. You can bet I’ll take notes.

But, honestly? I’m probably more excited to be able to attend the SheBrew Festival and “Best in Show” ceremony on 4 March 2017. I will not be involved in judging best in show, but I’ll be there for sure. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of the brews I will have gotten to judge will win best in show!

But even if not lucky in that way, I’ll definitely be lucky enough to sample a lot of awesome beers and hang with a lot of cool people. I hope you’re one of them, because I want to see and meet LOTS of folks. Tickets are $20 and benefit Human Rights Campaign.

It’s gonna be cool. Please join me.