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Natasha blogs at Metacookbook.comI have a Masters of Science in Biology and I am a Certified Cicerone®. I find that training influences every path I explore, especially my interest in food. I maintain MetaCookbook as a place to explore these delicious interests, as well as the communities food and beer (and other consumables) build. As you can guess from the above, I find a good beer and a good scientific discussion make food go down easier. Actually, once you get to know me, you’ll find I thinks most conversation makes food and beer both go down easier. Poke around the blog, leave some comments. Start a conversation. You might find yourself invited to dinner.

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy your articles. I have a small food business in New Zealand based entirely on using food waste and biproducts and spent grains make up a large part of my cooking. I find I’m able to use the grains at approx a 1:3 ratio if the grain was for a Pilsner. My degree is in Culinary Arts so my background is food design so it’s great having someone else out there with a more scientific mind than mine. Keep up the articles, they make really interesting reading.
    Revival Food Company
    New Zealand

    • Hi Victoria!

      That’s awesome! I have definitely wondered how the different beer styles translate to spent grain, but in my life it’s a lot easier to just mill them into flour and mix. What other sources of waste do you use?

  2. Hello Natasha from Spain, we have read your great article abouth the brewers spent grain…and have good news for you…here we dry it all in BIG quantities….so if you want to continue experimenting….just ask for some 😉 Here you can contact us http://en.lpernia.com/

  3. Hi There!

    Thank you for writing this post. I just stumbled upon your blog and intend to read more of your posts. I’ve got an experiment (not highly scientific) I’m working on and I have been trying to find more info on the protein, carb, and general nutritional content of spent grains. I am putting together some recipes to try out in the near future and this information would help me think about the right proportions of each ingredient.

    I don’t have a science background but would like to learn more and given the opportunity would love to have a deeper conversation with you about your findings.

    If you would be open to maybe a skype chat or phone call or google chat, or even email exchange I would be so appreciative!

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Monica!

      Sure, I’d be happy to chat with you. Just shoot me an email from the link in the sidebar with some of your questions.


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