Big News, Everyone!

Big news, everyone. The TL;DR is that I’m moving back to New Mexico at the end of June.

Longer: I’ve been so lucky to live so many places, learn so many things, and become the pretty freakin’ great person I am, but I am ready to be back near my family. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve lived near them, one of which was a hell pandemic year.

I was already leaning that direction pre-pandemic. And even before I was leaning that way, my friend Jeff commented that he wasn’t sure the winters in PDX wouldn’t drive me away. However, like so many other people experienced, Covid-19 and the results there of really clarified some things for me. And what I really learned is that my family is close, even when we’re distant, but close while close appeals to me more than anything else.… Continue reading →

Post Pandemic Era – Let’s Build It With #PPESpend

What the post-pandemic era looks like is, for better or worse, in the hands of consumers.

The painful reality is that not all existing shops, restaurants, wineries, theaters, and other businesses are going to make it to the post-pandemic era. The U.S. government has decided to leave the financials of survival to individual businesses, and the protective measures for populations to individual state and local governments. Every existing business must decide what actions they’ll take to thread the needle of making money while following (or not) local requirements. And it’s especially difficult because safety costs money and time.

Businesses that decide to prioritize safety are disadvantaged against competitors who decide to only put up the façade of safety. Or any competitors who outright decide not to give a fuck.… Continue reading →

What WAS I Thinking?

I’m not sure when I originally wrote this post, but it’s been sitting in my drafts since sometime after August of last year. It’s time to come out of my latest blogging hiatus, but I’ve been unsure what to start with. A wise friend of a friend suggested something in my drafts. This was almost finished and is still interesting, so I went with it. I hope you all enjoy and have some suggestions for me! (Note: I no longer work in a bar, but we’ll get to that in a future post.)

Recently, I asked my twitter followers to help me make a “Rage” playlist. I got some good suggestions and have started compiling a Spotify playlist for “Rage.” It’s very short, though, so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments.… Continue reading →

Five Items Currently Making Me Happy

Zergüt Veggie Spread

Back in 2003/2004, my friend Claire and I both worked for the same company. It was one of those massive installations that had a bunch of perks for employees, including various classes. We took a nutrition/”healthy cooking with no time or some bullshit” class together once. I only remember two things about the class: the instructor saying, “Pressure is not having a pressure cooker,” and tasting this spread (affiliate link). It immediately captivated my taste buds and my mind. And then I couldn’t find it again.

Fast forward more than a decade, and I’ve wandered into some Eastern European grocery store because it looks interesting and Total Wine can wait. And, damned if there wasn’t a shelf of innocuous jars of magic right there.… Continue reading →

Beer Vinegar

In the last place Bill and I lived, we were just around the corner from this wonderful little consignment shop that always had all kinds of interesting things for sale. I am genuinely amazed at the fact that, more often than not, I would go in there looking and manage to NOT buy something. It’s truly the kind of place that could drive one to spend a small fortune there on a regular basis.

However, what I was prone to buying there was anything both kitchen-y and “weird.” Which is how I ended up with this piece of ceramic on a wood stand.

A beige ceramic vinegar crock, with plastic spigot, on top of a wooden stand. Foreground is a small glass bowl with a tiny amount of a brown, hazy liquid - vinegar.

So, see, I’ve actually wanted to make my own vinegar for several years now. And, no, I don’t know why I’ve wanted to.… Continue reading →