[87] Old-Fashioned Fruit Crumble

Cover of Eating Well Serves Two

Anyone who knows me knows I love my desserts an awful lot. I pretty much will not pass them up if offered, and I choose to get a dessert (hopefully to split with someone) almost every time I eat out with any deliberation (meaning, not the days Bill and I look at our well-stocked pantry and say, “There’s nothing to eat!”).

Dessert at home is a much more rare occurrence. We occasionally have ice cream in the freezer, and I occasionally will bake something in advance. However, because of my tendencies to hoover down desserts, we try not to keep these things around. If I bake cookies, I try to give at least some of them away. We only buy ice cream in pint sizes, and then make them last two to three days (with each of us having some).… Continue reading →

Bill’s Myriad Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This isn’t a recipe, as much as a general idea of how to cook something.

A couple of weeks ago we made a tasty Arizona Pumpkin Soup that said it would do well with some toasted pumpkin seeds. We bought a bag (a few cups worth) of raw pumpkin seeds thinking, how hard can it be? Well, not very, though there are a few gotchas.

The three types we made were:

* Olive oil and salt
* Cinnamon and brown sugar

* Spicy!

We used a recipe from Pumpkin Patches and More as to give an idea what temperatures to roast at and whatnot.

This is pretty loose, since it’s not a cookbook recipe, and I didn’t take very good notes (sadness!). But, nevertheless, you’ll get something to work from!… Continue reading →