The Organic Seasonal Cookbook by Liz Franklin

Cover of The Organic Seasonal Cookbook by Liz Franklin

I don’t remember buying this cookbook. I thought, upon looking at it, that I’d bought it at Amazon right before we started this blog, during my “cookbook binge”. I figured I told myself something about the cookbook giving us more insight on how to cook “weird” food, like we might get from our CSA. I seem to be wrong, though, because Amazon usually tells me when I’ve bought something from them and it’s silent here.

So, I haven’t the foggiest. It doesn’t have a lot of emotional attachment for me, so when I started to write it up, I was stymied about what to say. Not having bought it during the “cookbook binge”, I couldn’t even jokingly talk about how silly it is to binge on cookbooks.… Continue reading →

Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Reading, writing and thinking about food―and cooking food!—are such a significant part of my life now that it’s hard to believe I’ve only been sharing recipes and food thoughts here at MetaCookbook for eight months. The importance of food and food issues have been a long and slowly simmering topic for me (kind of like an excellent pot of chili), and one of the sources of this interest was “the 2001 Discover article on Gary Nabhan and his quest to eat locally sourced foods to save the planet.”:

Nabhan’s views, as presented in the article, started the process of challenging how I thought about food and how I eat. I will come right out and say that reading the article didn’t change my food habits right away―but Nabhan’s ideas and experience lodged themselves in my brain.… Continue reading →

No cookbook or recipe today.

I’ve been fighting with an entry all day today. It’s not a recipe entry, and it’s not another one about a cookbook. It’s about food, and a few of the changes in my relationship with food. It’s basically a “thoughts” post.

The problem is that I ramble in that post. A lot. I tend to be a bit of a rambling writer anyway, as I suspect my readers know by now, but this is even larger in scope, so the rambles are all over the place. It’s all connected in my head, but it certainly doesn’t show up connected in the words. So I keep drafting and tweaking and asking for help. Angelique has helped me polish much of my writing in my life, including my M.SContinue reading →