[90] Grandma L’s Apple Butter

The fact that I have this recipe is all Corrine’s fault.

You see Corrine loves her husband very much. Her husband really loves apple butter. However, once upon a time, Corrine didn’t know how to make apple butter. I guess they don’t have it in the Great Frozen North.

Corrine taught me how to make jam in 2007. That was the same year that Corrine & her family discovered several apple trees on public land, and watching several apples just rot on the ground below the trees. I recall her watching for quite a bit of time, hoping someone would come grab the apples before just going and doing it herself. As I recall, the family ended up with a couple of five gallon buckets full of cute green apples.… Continue reading →

[89] Roasted Chicken Breast with Creamy Butternut Squash and Chile

cover of Cook With Jamie

I don’t think it’s possible to relate to you, in writing, how much I love butternut squash. I think you’d understand if you were to eat some with me, or if you’d been here as our CSA shares kept coming in with squash. I was utterly delighted.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a perfect knack for storing these guys. We’ve lost about two from the CSA to mushy areas that I’ve read make them inappropriate to eat. I wonder if my Grandma Ella would have said otherwise; I wish I could ask her.

Even with those losses, though, I have several squashes in my pantry to make into new and delightful food creations. The tricky part is finding ways to use them up without making enough to feed an army.… Continue reading →