[113] Borracho Baked Beans

Cover of Red Chile Bible by Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins

I have a friend who throws an awesome party approximately yearly. I think she is not the originator of this party idea, but it has migrated to her home through the years. The party theme is “Beer and Bacon”. It’s basically a pot luck that everybody brings a food that has beer or bacon (or both!) involved. Also, many people just bring beer.

Obviously, it is full of deliciousness.

This year, I was very torn on what to bring. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Eventually, I settled on bacon macaroni and cheese. Bill thought this was a very great idea, I thought this was probably a great idea, and it sounded pretty straightforward. All systems were go. Until I realized that this is a pretty straightforward recipe, and so possibly it might be one the hosts would make…

Yup, going back and looking at a few comments she made on her blog about her plans, I realized she was definitely making bacon mac & cheese, and so I should probably do something else and not duplicate that.… Continue reading →

Red Chile Bible by Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins

Cover of Red Chile Bible by Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins

I’ll tell you what. I made “the last entry”:http://metacookbook.com/archives/169-Green-Chile-Bible.html so short because I knew I had this one to make, and I was worried they’d sound rather similar. So I saved most of the good stuff for the second post.

Why? Well, that gets into “the good stuff”. Let’s start with the basics.

Go into any New Mexican restaurant that serves New Mexican (or some will say Mexican) food and you will hear the state question: “Red or green?” It is my impression that “green” wins most of the time, but if you overheard Bill and I with my parents, you’d hear them say, “Red”, Bill say, “Christmas” and me say, “Can I get both on the side, please?”

I know my order sounds a lot like “Christmas, on the side” but it is a little different.… Continue reading →