Big News, Everyone!

Big news, everyone. The TL;DR is that I’m moving back to New Mexico at the end of June.

Longer: I’ve been so lucky to live so many places, learn so many things, and become the pretty freakin’ great person I am, but I am ready to be back near my family. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve lived near them, one of which was a hell pandemic year.

I was already leaning that direction pre-pandemic. And even before I was leaning that way, my friend Jeff commented that he wasn’t sure the winters in PDX wouldn’t drive me away. However, like so many other people experienced, Covid-19 and the results there of really clarified some things for me. And what I really learned is that my family is close, even when we’re distant, but close while close appeals to me more than anything else.

The fact that I couldn’t tell most people this big news in person breaks my heart, but further highlights where I need to be for my own well-being right now. For those who are finding out via this writing, I hope you all understand and will forgive me.

I can’t promise I’m moving to New Mexico for the rest of my life. I like living new places, and learning new things. But I’m moving there for now, and the foreseeable future.

I hope you’ll come visit me once you’re fully vaccinated and things are a little safer.

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