[107] Perfect Pot Roast

Cover of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

Sometimes, when I’m menu planning for the week, I throw myself into my cookbooks and flip through them until I have a pile of delicious recipes to try. Sometimes I pick an ingredient, and only then go hunt down a recipe (this happens a lot more during CSA season). And, sometimes, I just get a hankering for something and I find a recipe.

This pot roast definitely came from the last urge. I wanted a lot of meat, and I wanted something that was fairly easy to throw together and start cooking and ignore. This suited me down to my toes.

Okay, well, not quite. I was actually looking for a slow-cooker “pot roast” recipe. I actually didn’t think of slow-cooking something in the oven. Or, more accurately, I didn’t think of roasting my pot roast.… Continue reading →

[105] + [106] French Toast

How to Cook Everything, Revised Edition by Mark Bittman

Cover of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bittman

French toast is my breakfast enemy.

I like to eat good french toast. Most people and places, myself included, do not make good french toast. I really do not like to eat bad french toast. Most people and places, myself included, not only do not make good french toast, they make bad french toast.

That’s right. There is no “meh” in french toast. There’s only “good” and “bad”. I suppose there can be “excellent” and “horrible” as well, but there’s no “meh”. It’s that simple.

This french toast, amazingly, was in the “good, but could be excellent” camp. I’m astounded. I never thought I could make french toast that was even in the “good” category, much less in the “could be excellent” on as well.

Why did I feel I couldn’t aspire to such heights?… Continue reading →

I failed to plan a special dinner for Valentines’ Day.

I also failed to plan a special entry for today. I should have saved the “chicken and dumplings for two”:http://metacookbook.com/archives/200-102-Chicken-and-Dumplings-with-Parsnips-and-Leeks.html recipe, eh?

Bill and I are having a bean dish tonight. I might even remember to make bread to go with it. I think I’ll make some carrots for a side. I think Pioneer Woman has a whiskey-glazed carrots recipe on her blog (and it might even be in her cookbook).

We ended up making today special by waking up early enough to watch one of Bill’s favorite movies before work, one I had never seen. And then I hung out near his work to stalk “The Southern Mac”:http://thesouthernmac.com/ truck. We didn’t know it existed until yesterday, but he loves all kinds of variants on mac & cheese (though still says his mother’s is best), and it was going to be right near his work.… Continue reading →

[104] Lemon Butter Leeks with Poor Man’s Parmesan

Cover of The Organic Seasonal Cookbook by Liz Franklin

As I mentioned in the cookbook entry for this book, I read this book cover to cover and so I got a great sense of what was in it. Thus, when I was looking for a recipe that used a bunch of leeks, but was easy to make, I thought I had something in this book.

Thankfully, I was right, because I had a pile of leeks to use up, didn’t want to have to find another recipe, and was pretty sure our darling Rob hadn’t thought of any side dishes for the turducken he was making that weekend. (Note, to this day I don’t know if I was right. He didn’t make any side dishes, but whether this was because he hadn’t thought of any or because I volunteered to bring one, I will never know.)… Continue reading →

[103] Cream of Leek Soup

Another recipe that I learned from “Chef Diane”:http://www.fortheloveoffood.com/ when I was lucky enough to go to her cooking school!

Awhile back, I made “White Wine, Leek and Onion Soup”:http://www.metacookbook.com/archives/153-83-White-Wine,-Onion-and-Leek-Soup.html because Bill couldn’t find his leek soup recipe I couldn’t find the leek soup recipe I remembered from class.

This is the recipe I remembered from class. I was utterly thrilled to find it again. Not only because it’s delicious (and it is), but because it means I wasn’t losing my mind back then. I did, in fact, have a Cream of Leek soup recipe!

Now, actually, what I had was a “Cream of Anything” soup recipe. However, the night we made it in class, we made Cream of Leek (and maybe, just maybe, Cream of Parsnip?),… Continue reading →