A short post (maybe) on Edible Institute 2011

By having to wait until Wednesday to remark on this, I am definitely one of the latest people to comment on the conference. I may, in fact, be the latest. In any event, I still wanted to share some thoughts here.

I especially wanted to see Dr. Joan Gussow’s keynote speech and Dr. Gary Nabhan’s closing remarks of the first day. I figured I’d learn a lot from everything in between and everything the next day, but I was looking forward to those two as highlights.

Dr. Gussow’s speech was quite good. She touched on her experience with becoming a nutritionist, and being the only one in her field that focused more on how food was being produced than what was in it. That didn’t win her a lot of friends, as you can imagine.… Continue reading →

Hi There!

As you all know, I spent the weekend in Santa Barbara for the food conference. I then traveled on to San Francisco to visit a friend. I was supposed to fly back to Chicago this morning. But, as you can imagine, I’ve been delayed. The hope is that I will end up back in Chicago tomorrow. I certainly hope so, as I miss my kitchen!

I haven’t, however, had internet access beyond my phone until today. Which is good for my 140 characters or less twittering, but it doesn’t really lend itself to navigating the blog or posting.

Expect to see a few more posts coming down the line soon, now that I’m more connected again. Thanks for your patience.… Continue reading →