[107] Perfect Pot Roast

Cover of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

Sometimes, when I’m menu planning for the week, I throw myself into my cookbooks and flip through them until I have a pile of delicious recipes to try. Sometimes I pick an ingredient, and only then go hunt down a recipe (this happens a lot more during CSA season). And, sometimes, I just get a hankering for something and I find a recipe.

This pot roast definitely came from the last urge. I wanted a lot of meat, and I wanted something that was fairly easy to throw together and start cooking and ignore. This suited me down to my toes.

Okay, well, not quite. I was actually looking for a slow-cooker “pot roast” recipe. I actually didn’t think of slow-cooking something in the oven. Or, more accurately, I didn’t think of roasting my pot roast.… Continue reading →