[103] Cream of Leek Soup

Another recipe that I learned from “Chef Diane”:http://www.fortheloveoffood.com/ when I was lucky enough to go to her cooking school!

Awhile back, I made “White Wine, Leek and Onion Soup”:http://www.metacookbook.com/archives/153-83-White-Wine,-Onion-and-Leek-Soup.html because Bill couldn’t find his leek soup recipe I couldn’t find the leek soup recipe I remembered from class.

This is the recipe I remembered from class. I was utterly thrilled to find it again. Not only because it’s delicious (and it is), but because it means I wasn’t losing my mind back then. I did, in fact, have a Cream of Leek soup recipe!

Now, actually, what I had was a “Cream of Anything” soup recipe. However, the night we made it in class, we made Cream of Leek (and maybe, just maybe, Cream of Parsnip?),… Continue reading →