I failed to plan a special dinner for Valentines’ Day.

I also failed to plan a special entry for today. I should have saved the “chicken and dumplings for two”:http://metacookbook.com/archives/200-102-Chicken-and-Dumplings-with-Parsnips-and-Leeks.html recipe, eh?

Bill and I are having a bean dish tonight. I might even remember to make bread to go with it. I think I’ll make some carrots for a side. I think Pioneer Woman has a whiskey-glazed carrots recipe on her blog (and it might even be in her cookbook).

We ended up making today special by waking up early enough to watch one of Bill’s favorite movies before work, one I had never seen. And then I hung out near his work to stalk “The Southern Mac”:http://thesouthernmac.com/ truck. We didn’t know it existed until yesterday, but he loves all kinds of variants on mac & cheese (though still says his mother’s is best), and it was going to be right near his work. So I went in and did some stuff around that area, and was ready and waiting to ambush the truck when it arrived. I got him a pulled chicken, blue cheese and buffalo sauce mac and I got myself a smoked gouda, apple and walnut mac. We both enjoyed them quite a bit, though it was too much food for me to finish. And now we’re having beans and carrots for dinner.

Super romantic, eh?

What, if anything, are you guys doing for the holiday? Or did you do it already? I need ideas for next year!

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