Just Scroll to the Photo at the End

This post is oddly akin to my previous post about the post just not coming, in that it’s a post about writing.

Today, though, I’m almost having an opposite problem. On my walk to lunch, I had a pretty spectacular idea for a post, and the words are flowing now that I’m writing it. This is awesome and I’m going to dive right back into writing it soon. Unfortunately, it has some issues.

However, it’s less “immediate” than a post telling you how my giveaway dinner went (awesome, but you want more than that). So I feel like I ought to post that first. On top of that, it’s requiring research that I’m already growling in frustration at. Thirdly, it’s the kind of post that I guarantee I’m going to bog down in the middle and want to throw the computer across the room in frustration.… Continue reading →