Musings on Well-Stocked Freezers and Pantries.

This is a photograph of my freezer from late October.

This is a photograph of my freezer from this morning.

Not much has changed. It’s very full, in both photos. And it’s not my only freezer, though I have fewer freezers than I used to.

Yesterday morning, I’m not quite sure why1, I realized that while I have a very fully-stocked pantry and freezers, I don’t really have well-stocked anything. I don’t think I’ve given it much thought before, as usually I associate “well-stocked” with “full (and thus you won’t starve).”

But, in truth, starving is just not something I’m reasonably facing. Sure, there’s the possibility I’ll be stranded in my house for awhile, but I do wonder how likely it is that I’ll be stranded, but with electricity and gas…

I got to thinking.… Continue reading →