Samples Lead Me Astray. To Surreality and Greatness!

Yesterday, I got two beer samples and, based on those samples, ordered a beer. The one on the left.

I received this snifter.

I briefly noted that my snifter’s beer appeared darker than the sample I’d gotten, but I’ve noticed that can happen on rare occasions. I’m not really sure of the optical physics of why a larger portion of beer can occasionally seem so much darker than a sample, but probably someone out there can explain it. Maybe I’ll poke a friend into doing so, if I can.

I also noticed the head was rather reduced in the full pour. I didn’t think much of it, until I sipped the beer. At which point I was tasting a fabulous beer, with some lovely wine barrel characteristics, that managed to be both like and unlike the sample I’d had.… Continue reading →

CSA Delivery Tomorrow. Got Back in Town Last Night.

Bill and I got back from Baltimore late last night. I think we walked in the door about 11:45 pm or so. We got home, had a little snack, and collapsed into bed.

We were lucky1 this time around. The CSA only delivers bi-weekly during the winter, and so we left just after a delivery and the next delivery will be tomorrow night. Thus, we didn’t have to make any special arrangements for our food. That was nice.

However, it makes me want to hold off on grocery shopping. At least until the delivery hits. I have gotten a “sneak peek” of what we’ll be getting, but past experience has made me quite wary of relying on the sneak peek email. Sometimes they just can’t get you a thing they expected to pick, or sometimes you plan for a pound of turnips and they give you three baby turnips.… Continue reading →

First Loves and Geographic Separation

I’m in and around Baltimore, Maryland this week. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if I haven’t, I lived in Baltimore (Hampden!) for about six months, and I lived in the area for a little over three years. Thus, whenever Bill has a conference in the area, I tag along to visit everyone and everything1.

Or almost everything. The last time or two we’ve come, I’ve missed visiting one place. I realized I have a solid chance of missing the same place, but I really hope I don’t. It’s my first beer love, DuClaw Brewing.

When I lived in this area, I largely didn’t drink. I didn’t like the taste of anything containing alcohol, and didn’t usually feel inclined to try anything alcoholic anyway2.… Continue reading →

Boo! Sickness Strikes.

Well, I should have known having a buffer of posts was too good to last. I got everything for last week done early and was planning to spend Friday and the weekend cranking out new posts for you all to enjoy.

Unfortunately, I instead spent the weekend fighting off a cold. I spent a lot of it asleep, or thinking I ought to be asleep. So, here I am, starting the week again without much to go on. And still a cold.

So, I’m heading to the doctor today (for unrelated reasons, but I’ll check in about how to care for my cold). And then the dentist. And then I’m going to sleep. Trust me – I wish I were asleep right now.

I hope to be back at it Wednesday.… Continue reading →

Pinch Spice Market

I don’t know when we discovered Pinch Spice Market, but I’m really glad we did. It’s a great little business here in Chicago, on Milwaukee Avenue, maybe half a blog away from the Western-O’Hare Blue line stop. More importantly, it’s near Ipsento Coffee, which is where Bill is getting most of his coffee beans right now, so it’s a great place that’s conveniently located for us. Though, to be honest, I love the place so much I now go buy my spices there whether we’re going to Ipsento or not.

My Chicago readers need to check this place out. The selection is good, the interior gorgeous, and most importantly the proprietors, Mike and Shoebocks1, are incredibly friendly and helpful. Not only are they quick to help find a spice or fill an order, they’re happy to answer any question, or even just chat for a bit.… Continue reading →