You Want Some Dayman Coffee IPA? A Brewday with Flesk? Pull Out Your T-shirts!

We’re running a t-shirt contest at Beer 1Up (tomorrow! 27 April 2013), and it’s going to be fun. However, like any contest, there are some rules. So, read on to find out what you can win and how you can win.

h2. Prizes:

A Bomber of Dayman Coffee IPA, courtesy Aleman

  • one for the attendee with the best video game T-shirt
  • one for the attendee with the best beer T-shirt

Dayman is Aleman’s winning Iron Brew homebrew recipe, which they brewed in collaboration with Two Brothers Brewing and Stone Brewing. It’s been a hot beer here in Chicago and has been pretty hard to get. Having had a chance to enjoy a single glass so far, I can attest to its deliciousness. It’s coffee and hops and malt and it lies like a dog about its ABV, as it sure doesn’t taste like 8.7% alcohol.

GRAND PRIZE: One Brewday with Flesk Brewing in Lombard for best of the best.

This is where you get to see what pro brewing is like. I’m honestly not sure what the Flesk folks have in store for the grand prize winner, but I know I envy that person. I suspect there’ll be some tastings and some getting messy in the brewery. Personally, I’d be all over that. Like Jeremy and Eric, I’m wishing us organizers could have a chance at winning these great prizes we’ve lined up!

h2. How to win:

Show up to Beer 1Up wearing a beer or video game t-shirt. Make sure all the brewers and all the bloggers have a chance to see your t-shirt.

Brewers and bloggers will vote between 2 and 3 pm, 27 April 2013, for the best of each category. One Dayman bomber will be awarded, immediately, to each winner. This means you MUST be present to win anything.

The winner of each category, beer and video game, will then go head to head for the professional Brewday prize. We’ll take photographs of each person, post them to our blogs on Sunday, the 28th of April, and open voting to the general public via Facebook poll. A link to the poll will be posted to the Facebook event page, as well as each blog.

For the period of one week, between 28 April 2013 and 5 May 2013, anyone can vote on which of the two t-shirts they prefer. Whichever t-shirt garners the most votes by the end of voting will win, and the owner will be awarded the Brewday with Flesk Brewing.

We will contact both parties with the voting results via email, so the Dayman winners will need to provide us with a valid email address (to be used only to contact each person with the results). If the winning email address bounces, or the winner does not acknowledge the email within three days, the Brewday prize will default to the other entrant. If this winner also fails to claim the prize, due to bounced email or lack of response within three days, the prize will be forfeit and no one will get to brew with Flesk Brewing.


Jeremy, Eric, and I are very grateful to the folks at Aleman for donating the two bombers of Dayman, and to the folks at Flesk for donating the brew day. They have made what was already going to be a fun event that much more awesome. Thanks, folks!

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