The Urban Pantry by Amy Pennington

Cover of Urban Pantry by Amy Pennington

As I mentioned in the “previous entry”: two books actually arrived yesterday. One was yesterday’s entry, The Herbfarm Cookbook and one was this one, Urban Pantry. I mentioned in yesterday’s entry that I wasn’t sure if Urban Pantry was a cookbook or not.

It is. It’s also a few other things, but it looks like it is, at its heart, a cookbook.

So, this was also a gift from my parents, though this one I was expecting. I did have this one on my Amazon wishlist too, so when my mother said that this year was the year she just asked us what we wanted for Christmas, I pulled that up for her. And, in chatting with her, I selected three things that I was sure I’d enjoy for the upcoming year, but probably wouldn’t buy for myself.… Continue reading →