Some Links

First find your tuatara. If you read nothing else from this list, read this one. It gives a really great, simple explanation of how to sequence an organism’s genome, in this case a tuatara lizard.

I think this is a cool post because it not only shows the iterative nature of science in a single moment, but also lays some groundwork for understanding what genome (or even gene) sequencing is. For those who read this blog and don’t know how it’s done, but are interested in gene-related issues (patented DNA/cDNA, genetically modified/engineered organisms), this is some good foundational material, even if it is not directly related to those things.

The other two links go together, and are both about a paper that recently came out about primate infanticide as a driver for monogamy.… Continue reading →

Beer 1Up! Awesome. Maybe Beer Gets 2Up!

As most of you know, last Saturday I spent a solid chunk of the day at Emporium Arcade for a beer event. I was hoping to spend the day with at least 30 of my nearest and dearest beer friends.

It was more like 60 to 80 of my nearest and dearest. Holy Crap. It was unexpected and unbelievable. It was fun. It was so much fun. It’s actually been hard to write up, because it was so much fun that it’s been difficult to take it all in (still) and then put it all back out there for you.

Still, I want to do a bit more of a wrap-up than just the t-shirt contest post. (Still running, by the way! If you haven’t voted yet, please do!)… Continue reading →


So, I’ve mentioned a “beer event” a couple of times on this blog. It’s this Saturday. It’s noon to 3:00 pm. It’s going to be awesome. If you just want quick details, wander over to this Facebook event page and read up. If you want some of the background, keep reading.

Jeremy over at Subeerbia, Eric over at Blah…Blah…BEER and I teamed up with Arcade Emporium to bring a fun beer event to Chicagoland for those beer geeks who didn’t manage to get tickets to wander down to Munster, Indiana and buy some very special beer. There’ll be some envy in our group, for sure, and you know we’ll be raising a glass to those making the hike, but we have a little something to console ourselves.… Continue reading →