Making Compost

My life has suddenly become rather focused on compost in the last few days. I’ve been, as I’ve mentioned in the past, rather interested in food waste for awhile.

While my interest in compost has remained about at the level mentioned in the linked post, my compost solutions have improved. Sort of.

They’ve improved in that I have a couple of potential methods now to compost some of this stuff. I spoke in the above link about “a specific composting system” that Bill and I would acquire some two or three years ago. And we kept putting it off because we didn’t know what to do with the finished compost. I’d chat with folks, but no one needed it.

Well, serendipity struck. That system? It’s an electric, indoor composter.Continue reading →

One year ago

My apologies for the post of the day being so late. I was busy planning on how to best quietly celebrate. It’s been a year since my friend Hamster managed to take this photo for us. I’m incredibly grateful to him.

It’s been a day. Mostly good, though a few things have been quite sad. I’m not going to get into the private ups and downs, but suffice it to say I’m thinking about all of it.

Thanks, guys, for sharing this piece of our lives with Bill and I. We’ll be back Wednesday with a more typical post.… Continue reading →

Nothing soothes like the food of my homeland – Repost & Update

I posted this entry four years and three months ago, to a blog that is now defunct. I’m reposting it here and now, with two minor changes. I felt it was an entry to share with you guys, because it highlights our connections to food a bit, it highlights how food can, in fact, make a person feel better and, maybe most of all, it’s about the food from the very area I am visiting now. The food I miss so much, and always stuff myself on. On top of all of that, it gives you a little insight into your blogger, and maybe that is valuable too. I’ll post a short four years later update at the end. Hint: My update will involve the handsome man in this photo.Continue reading →

Vacation Groceries – AKA We Like Liquids

Bill and I are in New Mexico this week. New Mexico is always full of food, fun, friends and family. In reverse order of importance, but we’re lucky in that we normally get food and fun with friends and family. This always involves the consumption of some amount of green chile or red chile. Oddly, we both tend to vastly prefer red chile – except that I think scrambled eggs & green chile are an unbeatable pair. Bill thinks I’m crazy.

However, there is one food tradition Bill and I always engage in, and we’re almost always alone when we do so. Unintentionally so, but basically it starts while Bill and I are driving around, probably without a specific destination in mind or we have quite a bit of time before our next engagement.… Continue reading →

A little bit on gardening and self-sufficiency

Bill and I just renewed the lease on our apartment, so we’ll be staying in this house about another year. It’s already the longest I, personally, have stayed put in my adult life. By the time we leave, which we intend to do next year, it will feel as if we’ve lived in this home forever. In fact, it’ll have been a little less than three years.

The first year we lived here, we moved in the middle of the summer. Heck, we mentioned it briefly here on this little blog. Of course, August is entirely too late in the year to plant anything, so for our first summer here, we grew nothing.

Last year, I posted about our first little garden early in the year, and then basically nothing for the rest of the year.… Continue reading →