A link worth sharing

I appear to have been wrong, yesterday, in saying my next post would be all about kitchen items I regret buying. Of course, I was also expecting not to have another post until Wednesday; a post which is already scheduled to go up, so I guess I should just accept occasional wrongness. Or call this a bonus post.


I’d like to share Tracie McMillan’s article called “Cooking isn’t fun, but you should do it anyway”. It hit Slate yesterday, so I figured I might as well slip this link in today and then go back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

Frankly, I really appreciate this essay. I considered simply tweeting about it, but I wanted to get into how great this essay is.… Continue reading →

Five kitchen tools I use all the time

The other day, my friend Jen asked me to do a post on kitchen stuff I really love. She also asked me to do a post on things I regret buying, which will be the next post.

I have provided links for those things that are easy for me to find links on Amazon or elsewhere, in case you wish to purchase something. These are not affiliate links. Bill and I did, in fact, sign up to be Amazon affiliates when we fired up this blog, but they ceased running the program in Illinois. Just so you know. 27 April 2014 Note: The Amazon.com links are now affiliate links. This means that if you buy any of these, I get a tiny cut of the price.Continue reading →

What’s the strangest item you’ve brought home from a restaurant?

For me, I think it might be the quail bones I brought home on Saturday. I also brought home one tiny chicken leg bone, but between it being both small and chicken, it hardly counts.

This is a habit I think Jonathan Bloom of Wasted Food would at least somewhat approve of, but I’m not sure. Don’t think I won’t ask him, though!

I bring home bones. I don’t own dogs, and even if I did I wouldn’t give them most bones from restaurants. But I bring home bones anyway.

Though I cited Bloom and Wasted Food as deeper influences a week ago on my state of mind, I’ve been bringing bones home from restaurants since last December. And frugality, not waste, was really the motivation.… Continue reading →

Links for a Friday.

Today’s post is a quickie, but I wanted to share three links with you that I thought were quite good reads. They are all from the same blog that I was recently linked to, written by Christi Wilcox, a PhD student at University of Hawaii. Before you ask, yes, she studies biology. Her bio (on the site) says she studies Cell and Molecular Biology, so she’s not completely out of left field in commenting on these topics. Particularly the last link.

Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture

I really appreciated this post, in part because it said some things I’ve also said (but I said it without backup), but also because I learned a few things.

For example, I always knew organic farms also use pesticides.… Continue reading →

The blueberries did it

In my last couple of entries, I discussed getting to feeling like all things associated with food were terrible and then how I moved past that situation. That could be a sufficient set of posts to put out there, but I felt like I should post a bit on how I got there. This is as much for myself to have something to look back to as it is to share, but I hope others will find it valuable as well.

So, what the hell went wrong?

Lots of things, but let’s start here: I love a farmers’ market. Oh, MAN, do I love a farmers’ market. I love the bustle of people. I love looking at all the produce and the cheese and the plants and the flowers (this time of year).… Continue reading →