[15] Wilted Kale with Mushrooms

Cover of The Healthy Kitchen by Rosie Daley and Andrew Weil, M.D.

Thank goodness for days when we can manage to make more than one recipe! This means that, despite our occasional issues with eating dinner at home, we’re not too far below one on the recipes:days ratio. I think 15 recipes in 16 days of challenge is a great start.

It’s really already changing our eating and thinking, I can see. At least mine. I’m much more inclined to try to figure out a way to cook at home these days, already, than to chose to eat out. In addition, I’m much more inclined to find recipes at home that use what I have here at home than to go buy something new.

Unfortunately, that second one isn’t really working out for us as well as I’d like it to.… Continue reading →