[119] Pork Shoulder with Chipotle-Orange BBQ Sauce

Cover of Simply Organic by Jesse Ziff Cool

Note: this was made prior to buying the hog. It is NOT from our share of the hog.

We made this one for a party. I’m not sure if I was prompted by a Whole Foods sale on pork shoulder, a cut I am loving more and more and more. My friend Dylan tells me it’s commonly turned into sausage, do to its ratio of fat:meat. I say, “What a waste!” This is good for so many other things!

I have a slightly tilted photo there. No idea why.

Anyway, as you can see, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in that photo. Aside from a nice cut of meat, the oranges, green onions & chipotles!

I recall it being pretty simple to make as well.… Continue reading →

[53] Port-Braised Cipollini Onions

Cover of Simply Organic, by Jesse Ziff Cool

Bill is actually the person who introduced me to this UFO-shaped onion. We were shopping at “Green City Market”:http://www.chicagogreencitymarket.org/ this past winter, and saw some at the “Nichols Family Farm”:http://www.nicholsfarm.com/ booth. Bill was incredibly enthusiastic about cooking some of these guys up. So, many months later, it’s only appropriate that we make a delicious recipe based on these for his birthday.

I will say that the one of the guys at the booth, upon selling me these onions, made a bit of a snerking laugh and said, “Enjoy peeling those.” He’s right. Cipollinis are delicious, but a total pain to peel.

h2. Ingredients

1 c ruby port
1 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped

1 c vegetable or chicken broth (We used chicken, since we have gobs of it in the freezer.)… Continue reading →

[20] Penne with Beets, Beet Greens and Goat Cheese

Cover of Simply Organic, by Jesse Ziff Cool

This recipe came to light just before our third CSA delivery. We’d gotten an e-mail a couple of days beforehand with a “sneak peak” of what was going to be in our box, beets being on the list.

Well, as interested as I am in local foods, I have to admit that I don’t know much about when many types of produce are available when. Thus, that sneak peak seemed like a total life-saver, as it allowed me to plan a menu in advance of the CSA arriving, and do the supplemental grocery shopping done prior to the delivery.

“Seemed?”, I hear you ask. Well, unfortunately, yes. There were no beets for us in that particular box. Furthermore, as yet, we’re very much enjoying a number of salads, but most of the other vegetable produce has been rather skimpy.… Continue reading →

Simply Organic, by Jesse Ziff Cool

Cover of Simply Organic, by Jesse Ziff Cool

A fairly new cookbook to enter our house, and one that is quite treasured already.

This is not, I should say, because we’ve made many recipes out from its pages yet. We have not. At the time of this writing, we’ve made one. Last night. It was pretty amazing, even with the modifications we had to make to it, but one stellar recipe does not a cookbook make.

No, I cherish this one due to it’s origins1.

This book was a gift from good friend, Judy. We met via a shared online haunt, and hit it off at one of the get-togethers that come of such things. I have no idea why she’s taken such a shine to me, but I’m glad. She’s funny and really quite wise.… Continue reading →