It’s T-Shirt Contest Time Again!

Man, oh man! Beer 2Up is coming again! I know I already mentioned that once but I’m just so excited. And it’s THIS SATURDAY, so I’m even more excited.

Like last year, we’re running a t-shirt contest at Beer 2Up! The rules are about the same (I’ll write ’em out below) and the prizes, as you might expect, are wildly different.

What YOU Could Win!

Grand Prize:

A pair of tickets to Midwest Brewers Fest. This is going to be a lot of fun, and I suspect Mr. Blah… Blah… BEER! and Mr. Subbeerbia will be there. You could spend the day drinking beer with whomever you brought along and getting to know brewers and so on. Mostly, beer. Did I say “beer fest” yet?… Continue reading →

Tomorrow’s going to involve a lot of typing.

Today I knocked out three recipes from “_How to Cook Everything_”:, so I’ll be typing quite a bit tomorrow. I’m going to put two of the three in one post, I think, because I didn’t taste one separate from the others.

What do you all think? Should everything be it’s own post, or should everything go together or some of each?… Continue reading →

Another rules question

Well, it was bound to happen that we’d have another question to throw out to our readers. (We’ve discussed amongst ourselves, but wanted to throw it out to any readers we have as well.)

We have both “_How to Cook Everything_”: and “_How to Cook Everything Vegetarian_”:, and it’s beginning to look like there’s a not insignificant amount of overlap in the two books. I suspect more recipes are not overlapping than are, but there’s definite overlap.

So, is it cheating to use the same recipe twice, if it’s out of two different books? What if we take anything we learned from the last time around/last book and apply it to the new time around?

Basically, I want pancakes, and to eventually buy another cookbook. What if I make Bittman’s “Everyday Pancakes” again out of “_How to Cook Everything Vegetarian_”:… Continue reading →

Quick! Should we enter to win? (Rules Question.)

Cover of Fiesta at Rick's by Rick Bayless

So, our beloved Angelique has been singing the praises of Rick Bayless and his cookbooks for about a month now. Oddly coincident with our adventures in cookbooks, I have to say…

Anyway, everything she’s made from his books has sounded wonderful, and I am vaguely sad that I did not discover his books until after this challenge began. Especially because I’d had one delicious soup (caldo) from his restaurant, “Xoco”: (the pork belly caldo) prior to this challenge beginning. And then on the 3rd of July I had an amazing goat sandwich (torta). (Also, he happened to be in the restaurant kitchen, briefly. He looks very attractive with his greying goatee. Bill is for candid shots only. With his cell phone. They were only so good.… Continue reading →