Some Housekeeping

First and foremost, as of late night 23 April 2014, I have re-enrolled in Amazon’s affiliate/associate program. I will, over time, be changing past links to affiliate links, and calling them out as such. Except the Joy of Cooking link in this post which I did last night to test the new way of linking. In the future, other links to Amazon will also be affiliate links (and called out as such). As Bill and I explained in The Rules waaaay back in 2010, we wanted to try it. I’ve also updated the rules to explain how we we came to not be affiliates for a time, and to include the official language wants me to have somewhere on my site. It’s under rule number nine.… Continue reading →

A Variety of Things

My last post mentioned that I’d had some moles hacked out of my body and sent off to be inspected. The report on them came back basically fine. I also am healing well, though much more slowly than I’d like. I was only allowed to start bending my right arm again yesterday. Turns out that when you go two weeks without bending your arm much that your bicep objects when you finally do. Also? You can’t aim for crap. Washing my hair yesterday morning was a bit of an adventure. Let’s not even discuss what I look like while trying to maneuver a fork. (Bill laughs. I’m apparently hysterical looking.)

The day before we left for New Mexico, I attended a bottle share and discussion put on by Kim Leshinski of Hail 2 the Ale.… Continue reading →