No One Got Sick at Our Thanksgiving! Win!

Thanksgiving at our house turned out far, far better than it had any right to be. We’re a very lucky couple.

As we have the last two years, we decided to throw open our Thanksgiving to anyone who didn’t have any place else to go (or didn’t want to go the where they did have, I suppose). The net effect of this is that we never quite know how many people we’re going to have until Black Friday. This year, we were settled for a good long time on two guests, so I ordered a turkey that was a little big for four people, just in case one or two more people decided to join us at the last minute.

A bit more than one or two more guests later, I decided to go looking for a bigger turkey.… Continue reading →

2011 Thanksgiving photos

In poking around my photos, I finally found a few photos from Thanksgiving. Not many, and there are certain recipes (most of them) that we forgot to photograph. And it’s really a shame in the case of the apple-molasses pie, because that thing looked…


They called it the “Demon Pie”. So, yeah. Maybe it’s a good thing there’s no photographic evidence of it.

Anyway! On to the photos, with just a little bit of commentary for you as well.

I was astounded when I found my turkey’s neck had been left on. I actually wasn’t quite sure what to do at first. I didn’t want to try to roast it with the turkey, as I thought that might make it gross, but what the heck?… Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Menu & Cooking

Back before Thanksgiving, I was going to post my planned menu. I was going to ask for tips, tricks, and suggestions. I had a blogging plan.

Of course, I also had a turkey plan, and you guys see how well that went. I also had this plan that I’d do a bunch of cooking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That went about as well as you might expect.

The not cooking very early? That was totally my fault. Monday and Tuesday rolled around, and I realized my menu was small enough that I wasn’t sure it was worth any possible degradation in quality to cook so early. Though, to try to make sure it set, I think I made the cranberry sauce Tuesday. I may have made it Wednesday morning.… Continue reading →

Pie Town Cookbook from Pie Town, New Mexico

Yep, today’s about the Pie Town Cookbook. I got this the one and only time I went to Pie Town, to experience the Pie Festival1.

See, Bill and I attended undergrad in a town in New Mexico that’s about an hour and a half from Pie Town. Bill, being the younger man that he is, was in school a couple of years later than I was. Then he decided to go for his M.Sc. at the same school. Eventually, he realized how much better “the real world” pays than grad school pays, but in the time between my graduating and his leaving graduate school, he heard about the Pie Town Pie Festival and went with his friends once or twice.

I was visiting one year after he’d left graduate school, and ended up going with a group of folks, including him, to the festival.… Continue reading →

Cherry Pie (For Michelle)

This is the final pie we made for the rehearsal dinner. Dad specifically wanted cherry pie, so we made cherry pie. Frankly, as the father of the bride, he’d done a lot of work and had a lot of stress (and helped mom bake a LOT of cookies), so there wasn’t a chance we’d say no to any pie he wanted at this point. If he’d asked for the Zucchini-Apple Pie in the Pie Town Cookbook, he’d have gotten it.

Luckily, he asked for cherry pie. Lots of people (myself included) love cherry pie. And, assuming you do not decide it’s imperative to pit the cherries yourself, it’s also dead easy.

h2. Ingredients

2 pie crusts for a 9″ pie
2 cans cherry pie filling

1 egg white, beaten (Man, this is TOTALLY optional)

h2.… Continue reading →