Phone Photos from Salt Lake City, Utah

So, Bill and I had a wedding to attend in Salt Lake City on Saturday. It was, as weddings always are, lovely. It made me cry. Weddings always do. They’re really (at least in my experience) a huge expression of love and joy and hope. Everyone’s a little in love at a wedding. And it was really emotional and wonderful to cuddle Bill and find ourselves touching our own rings at various times in the ceremony. Life. It could be way worse.

Anyway, the trick to traveling for a wedding is that you’ve got to do things before (and after, if you stay) the wedding. So, being who I am, I had pretty much nosed out a place to eat before I’d even found our vacation rental.… Continue reading →

Slow Cooker Peach Compote

My final act of peach food making was to make a buttload of peach compote to eat and freeze.

I had this crazy idea, the other day, that we’d have pancakes with peach compote on top. Only, we got up fairly late and I had somewhere to be at 2:00 pm. In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily an issue, but pancakes take a long time at our house and we had already planned to grab lunch together near my 2:00 pm commitment. So, instead we each had a fast bowl of cereal while the slow cooker did it’s thing.

The recipe for this compote is “here.”:

We actually tripled the recipe, based on the number (14) of peaches we had ripe (where “ripe” = I thought they were ripe and some proved me wrong because they were naughty peaches).… Continue reading →

My love/hate relationship with peaches (and other fruits of their ilk).

I’m beginning to think it’s time to get a category beyond “other” for non-recipe posts. We’ll see.


So, I didn’t go to the farmers’ market on Saturday (or Sunday). I’m not going today, and the one I go to tomorrow is fairly small, and the one farm which sold peaches has been out for a week or two already. I could, conceivably, get to another market tomorrow where my favorite peach seller sells, but it’s highly unlikely. So, from the sounds of it, I am done buying peaches for the season. This should save me some money (except that pears and apples are hitting the farm stands).

Here’s my problem. I love peaches, but they don’t love me back. Not that they make me sick, because they don’t.… Continue reading →

[37] Peaches & Crème Brûlée French Toast

Cover of Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

Did I mention I love peaches at any point on this blog? I’m sure I haven’t.

Oh, man, peaches. Peaches, peaches, peaches.

Unfortunately, the farmers at the farmers’ market tell me that peach season has basically ended. I might see another week of them, but I probably will not unless I go to a market tomorrow or Tuesday (basically, markets I don’t normally go to). So, I have some peaches I’ve frozen and a few fresh ones left with which to make this recipe again.

Which is good, because this recipe is a winner. Probably. It actually hasn’t quite worked out in my kitchen yet, but it’s getting there. We’ve made it twice, and both times it was quite tasty, but the texture left something to be desired.… Continue reading →

[36] Peach Crumb Pie (pg 170)

I love peaches.

I love them straight, I love them in jam, I love them in pies, I love them in crumble, I love them in cobbler, I love them in main course meals.

I don’t think I could love peaches more if I had the Platonic Ideal of “peach” in my hand right now. But I’d try.

Also, my Grandmother L. loves peaches (in fact, we had a peach canning session days before this pie occurred). My mother’s favorite pie is peach pie.

Hence, making a peach pie was a no-brainer. (Actually, I was going to make two peach pies, but the peaches I had didn’t ripen fast enough, and then we ran out of pie crust dough, and we said, “Four pies is enough!”)… Continue reading →