Parragon Publishing’s “Vegetables” Cookbook

Cover of Parragon Publishing's Vegetables Cookbook

By now, if you read this blog but don’t know me personally, you’ve probably figured out a few things about me:

# I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables.
# I’m learning a lot.

# I have, possibly, never been the biggest fan of vegetables.

# I really like meat.

# I’ve struggled with learning to eat more vegetables for awhile.

If you know me personally, you probably knew all of this long before Bill and I started a blog together.

Number 5 is particularly true. I’ve not been a fan of vegetables for most of my life, and since I’ve been “a grown-up”, I’ve realized how important it is to eat them. However, I struggle with it, and always have.

I’m not, and may never be, one of those for whom “meat is a condiment”.… Continue reading →