Greens, Vinegar, Booze and the Promise of Bacon Grease

The building blocks of friendship. Some friendships, anyway.

Awhile back, one of Bill’s coworkers found out where we lived and informed us that we’d moved a block and a half away from her. We’d had no idea. She was incredibly enthusiastic, because she was thrilled to have people she liked so much so close.

I’d had no idea. At the time, I’d met her and liked her, but didn’t feel like I knew her well. Still, when she suggested we go for a walk or two from time to time, I was happy to take her up on it.

Yesterday, she and her new baby came over to visit around 4pm. At some point, she mentioned she had no plan for dinner. And, a bit later, I suggested she just call her husband and they eat with us.… Continue reading →