Okay, quickie post. I’m planning to write something up later too (after I make gluten-free cookies), but I had to share.

Today we had the first of the bacon from our hog. It was super tasty! I actually liked it better than what we normally have from Meadow Haven. This still had the delicious flavor of the pig, but was less salty.

Which, to be honest, probably means we need to eat it faster. Tragic?

We also had chocolate-blueberry semi-whole wheat pancakes. They sound better than they were. Next time, less whole wheat flour & more chocolate.… Continue reading →

[68] Pancakes

Cover of The Healthy Kitchen, by Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley

Pancakes. Bill and I love us some pancakes. By now, readers of this blog are probably fairly familiar with this.

Our “first recipe”: was pancakes. We didn’t even get 20 recipes in before “we did a second pancake recipe”: Our first actual encounter with “a duplicate recipe (a.k.a. recipe #45) was pancakes.”:,-was-it-a-new-recipe-or-not.html

So, yeah. We like to make pancakes on lazy weekend mornings. Somehow, I suspect we’re not the only Americans who eat homemade pancake recipes so often. Given the sheer number of Americans, I bet we’re not even the ones who have tried the most recipes in the shortest time. But we might get there. Or we might find our perfect recipe and forget trying any others.

That would certainly make this challenge harder.

So, here’s a recipe that’s about being healthy.… Continue reading →

Well, was it a new recipe or not?

Cover of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bittman

Just in the knick of time to have it in today!

Well, I made pancakes this morning/afternoon (we slept in very late). It was the “Everyday Pancakes” recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. We’ve made a Bittman “Everyday Pancakes” recipe before, from “How to Cook Everything.”

These, frankly, we more dense. I don’t know what I did differently. Overall, just less delicious. I definitely didn’t cook them in enough butter. Boo.

So, would folks like to see a new write-up and a call for this to be a new recipe or no? If I get no input, that’s cool. I’ll make a decision.… Continue reading →

[19]Everyday Pancakes

Cover of How to Cook Everything, Revised Edition by Mark Bittman

Pancakes are a bit of work in this house, as we mentioned in “our very first recipe entry”: However, this recipe might fix that. I’m thrilled with it, actually. Not because it tastes amazing, though it is quite tasty, but because it definitely makes pancakes a lot less work.

And this house desperately needs that. A griddle of some sort would make pancakes considerably less work. We’ll take any griddle recommendations you guys have.

Finally, Bill was the photographer of the hour. So enjoy the photos of this (and the bacon recipe previously posted) that he took and figured out how to put into the blog. At this point, we’re going to slowly go back and edit previous entries to add photos (as we figure out how to get the photos converted, resized, etc).… Continue reading →

[1] Whole-Grain Griddle Cakes

Joy of Cooking

We have a funny way of making pancakes in this house. Namely: we don’t have a big griddle to make them on, so they come off the pan one or two at a time. This leads to eating in the kitchen while waiting for the next one to come off the pan. We’ll also alternate who makes each one so that the other can enjoy theirs while it is hot.

As far as heat is concerned, let the pan get hot over a medium heat. Add your butter (what else?), add the batter, and wait until you see bubbles popping and not closing back up. Flip the pancake, then turn the heat off. Repeat a lot.

This says it makes “about fourteen 4-inch cakes”.… Continue reading →