No Red Meat by Brenda Shriver

Cover of No Red Meat by Brenda Shriver

This is one of the books that I gave to Corrine when I moved from Baltimore to Chicago and she gave back to me a couple of years later. Prior to its vacation at her house, I’d owned it for several years. Maybe five or six? I can’t remember, but I think I bought it at Half-Price Books in Dallas while visiting my friend Turtle-Maria’s family around my 21st birthday.

I bought it because I simply stopped eating red meat1 for a good long time. I think this was a year or two into that phase, but I also don’t remember exactly how old I was when it started. Just that I was already in college and living on my own. I’d be curious if my mother would have been willing to cook for my diet if I’d been living at home when this started.… Continue reading →

[39] Honey-Mustard Glazed Chicken

Cover of No Red Meat by Brenda Shriver

I totally chose this recipe Tuesday during my meal planning for the week because it involved the grill, looked crazy simple, and we had all the ingredients on hand. I am not ashamed of making such a choice. I am, in fact, very pleased with that choice since we didn’t manage to go grocery shopping Tuesday night, as planned.

Our menu schedule is a bit off of most people’s two major days due to the CSA delivery we get Monday nights/Tuesday mornings. It’s my sense that most people who plan their menus for a week do the planning and shopping on one of two major days: the weekend day most convenient for them or the day the store circular sales start. In Chicago, the circulars arrive on Wednesday and sales start Thursday.… Continue reading →