A Smokey Beer Fizz for the Fourth of July!

I had to publish the previous version of this cocktail fairly fast, because I only had a week for the entirety of devising, naming, testing, and tasting the cocktails (there were two) as well as suddenly having an idea for the story, writing it up, and so on.

The good news was that I’d been trying to figure out a cocktail that involved 8-Bit Pale Ale and sage for a couple of years before it finally all came together for me. So I had a bit of a head start.1 And the fact that only a select few people were really in love with the original made the story come together.

But I couldn’t resist tinkering with it until I had something everyone can enjoy.… Continue reading →

Mezcaloteca and Mezcal Education.

I recently had the opportunity to learn a bit more about mezcal. It’s a spirit I adore, possibly more than beer, but I don’t know much about it. It’s more difficult than beer for me to partake in, in part because the cost of buying a bottle of mezcal and hating it is so much higher than buying and hating a bottle of beer.

Thus when a “rare” mezcal tasting showed up on my twitter feed, I was all over it. It was so worth it. I already want to go again. In large part because it wasn’t just tasting. I also learned a damn sight more in that two hour session about mezcal than I had in quite some time of just vaguely reading or tasting.… Continue reading →