If I Ruled the Thanksgiving Beer Fridge

I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, or any year for the foreseeable future. It’s a mighty change for me, and I must admit not an easy one. I love hosting very much, partially because I love parties but also partially because I love cooking. And this year it’s also a bit hard because I finally feel like I got my legs under me for not only planning the meal but exactly how I’d do the beer. And, well, that basically requires knowing the food.

I thought.

Then I reconsidered.

Really, Thanksgiving might be just about the most easy to predict meal on the American menu. So I decided I might as well just pretend I was hosting and tell you guys what beers I’d have on hand (and why!)… Continue reading →

Food Inventory & What We’re Eating This Week.

I’m doing an inventory of my food today (and probably tomorrow). This is prompted by a couple of things, not the least of which were my recent musings on well-stocked freezers & pantries.

Bill and I discussed, this morning, that maybe we can get by for awhile without doing any grocery shopping. For me, a pipe dream would be to make it until after our next CSA delivery1 without shopping, except maybe for milk. That delivery would occur a week from tomorrow, meaning I’d be shopping a week from Wednesday. I think that’s asking too much of ourselves, partially because this upcoming Saturday is when I’m hosting the winners of my homebrew and home-cookin’ giveaway, but a gal can dream. If I can hold out until at least Saturday, to hit Green City Market or Logan Square Farmers Market, I’d still feel pretty excited.… Continue reading →

Not much to say today

Hi guys,

I’m a bit out of it today, and so I don’t really think I’ll get a full recipe entry up today. I did manage to cook dinner from a cookbook, though, so that’s exciting. Pumpkin tureen soup! Hooray!

I’ll get back on track tomorrow, promise. With tonight’s recipe we have about six queued recipes, and more to come. Tomorrow we’ll be eating dinner out (though we don’t know what yet), as we’re having a cheap date at a local place for a champagne tasting. The timing is such that we can’t get home for dinner, then go out for the tasting. So, that’s exciting.

Since I am do feel bad about not giving you a recipe tonight, lemme tell you what’s on this week’s menu (through Monday).… Continue reading →

New Mexico

We’re in New Mexico again, visiting for my mother’s birthday (which has passed, but this was the weekend she wanted to celebrate).

As you can imagine, I’m not doing a lot of cooking right now. I have, however, decided that I’d like to get a jump start on menu planning for next week. This is somewhat augmented by the fact that I’d planned three meals for while Bill’s mother was in town, and then we did not eat at home. (Thankfully, I had not bought the ingredients for anything yet, so no money or food was wasted on those plans.)

Unfortunately, this planning is also hampered by not having my cookbooks with me, and not knowing what’s coming in our CSA. I have gotten a “sneak peek”, but planning around previous sneak peeks went poorly for us when we didn’t get any beets (among other planned for things).… Continue reading →