Some Thoughts on Two Years Without a Microwave

Almost two years ago, Bill and I moved into our current home. And it wasn’t until we were about a week or two in, trying to reheat leftovers when we realized: no microwave!

We had always rented places with built-in microwaves, so it didn’t even register with us that we didn’t own a microwave until we “needed” it. We laughed, reheated on the stove, and said we’d get one. And then, we never did. Eventually, we made the conscious decision not to buy one, as our counters were so crammed full of appliances anyway. And we’d been doing without it for so long!

Well, it’s time to move again. And that means the usual: packing, purging, cleaning, etc. That said, one particular part of “purging” is “using up food in the kitchen.”… Continue reading →

Lunch at home

I have to admit, for someone who enjoys cooking, I am spectacularly bad at lunch. Specifically, lunch for myself, here, at home. It’s true that I’m bad at lunch when Bill’s here too, but even that one extra person is a lot easier to cook for than just me.

I don’t end up eating so much as nibbling and grazing through the day most days. I have a middling to decent breakfast, nibble and graze my way until dinner, where I tend to have something good that I’ve cooked. What this results in are days when I grossly over-consume and days when I nearly forget to eat entirely. On another axis, I have days where I eat pretty well (say, days when there’s a bag of clementines around) and days when I eat horrible (the days I bake with Grace are usually days I end up eating almost nothing but cookies between breakfast and dinner).… Continue reading →

Impromptu “things” lunch

This is Angelique & Marty’s term, and usually it involves more items to be “things”. However, Bill worked from home this morning, and I found myself throwing together a different lunch than the planned salad. Salad was going to take more time than we had for Bill to leave on time for afternoon at work.

Amazingly, it feels very fancy. Thin wheat crackers, semi-soft cheese (just those Laughing Cow “Babel” rounds), prosciutto, and an orzo, spinach, feta & olive salad. Plus, I had picked up a bottle of sparkling white jasmine tea.

So lovely, and nice for the two of us to share!… Continue reading →