Guys, I am not even going to pretend here. I cannot focus on anything today except the fact that I should probably consume food at some point and THERE IS EVIDENCE OF LIQUID WATER ON MARS.

I know! I’m supposed to be studying like my life depends on it. And probably by the time Amanda gets here to study, I’ll have calmed the fuck down a bit. Probably.

But it’s really, really hard, honestly.

I’m, oddly enough, not much of a space nerd. I think space is neat and all, but it’s not usually something that captivates me the way it does so many others. However, the real and possible connections between space and Earth? Always fascinating to me. Extremophiles? YES.

Something very few people know about me (even Bill had forgotten until this morning) is that I was deeply interested in astrobiology1 in my undergraduate studies.… Continue reading →

Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lions

While that little “about” to the right mentions I have a couple of biology degrees under my belt, I think only a few of my readers know my obsession with lions, specifically. My obsession started just as I was finishing up my B.Sc. and took a study abroad to Kenya. There, some fascinating direct personal experience with lions changed my whole life’s course and goals. I ended up in a Ph.D. program in Chicago with a goal of learning everything there was to know about lions.

I left my Ph.D. program (where I spent a bunch of time reading journal articles about lions [and other things]) and launched this blog within about six months of each other. The launch was three years ago, on 1 June 2010 & the departure was at the end of 2010.… Continue reading →