We’re Moving in Two Weeks.

Holy cow. As of this morning, our move date is set, and it’s two weeks from now! How exciting. I’m looking forward to my new place. The pantry’s big enough for food AND my vast beer collection.

Now comes the packing and the getting rid of stuff and the decisions about all of that. What it means for this blog is that I won’t be neglecting you guys entirely, but posts will slow down a bit from normal, and may tend more toward the “link round up” style posts.

HOWEVER! Please do keep your eyes on this blog! I may have pretty big, good news here in the next week, and you guys will be the first to know about it. HINT: If you like beer, are in Chicago, and not traveling to Munster, IN that day, please keep April 27th open until further notice.… Continue reading →

Boo! Sickness Strikes.

Well, I should have known having a buffer of posts was too good to last. I got everything for last week done early and was planning to spend Friday and the weekend cranking out new posts for you all to enjoy.

Unfortunately, I instead spent the weekend fighting off a cold. I spent a lot of it asleep, or thinking I ought to be asleep. So, here I am, starting the week again without much to go on. And still a cold.

So, I’m heading to the doctor today (for unrelated reasons, but I’ll check in about how to care for my cold). And then the dentist. And then I’m going to sleep. Trust me – I wish I were asleep right now.

I hope to be back at it Wednesday.… Continue reading →

Nothing soothes like the food of my homeland – Repost & Update

I posted this entry four years and three months ago, to a blog that is now defunct. I’m reposting it here and now, with two minor changes. I felt it was an entry to share with you guys, because it highlights our connections to food a bit, it highlights how food can, in fact, make a person feel better and, maybe most of all, it’s about the food from the very area I am visiting now. The food I miss so much, and always stuff myself on. On top of all of that, it gives you a little insight into your blogger, and maybe that is valuable too. I’ll post a short four years later update at the end. Hint: My update will involve the handsome man in this photo.Continue reading →

Sometimes you get to do what you want and save money in the process

Sometimes, there’s a reason and a way to manage everything. I think it’s rare, but yesterday I got lucky and got to manage all of it. Including figuring out a way to modify the tomato sauce recipe I love so much that last year I froze a bunch for the winter.

Reading that post, I see I owe you guys a post on how it froze. I’ll get right on that. But this post is about managing to make tomato sauce for my freezer while focusing on the more important things I really had to get done. Though I suppose mentioning that I made more gives you guys some indication of how it froze, eh?

Anyway, I did manage to make tomato sauce yesterday. I did not go clothing shopping.… Continue reading →

I’d really rather make tomato sauce than go clothes shopping.

My last post briefly mentioned that we had guests arriving the following day. To our delight, they arrived a couple of hours earlier than expected (they were driving), and so we got extra time with some of our closest long-distance friends. They left last Thursday. Last Friday, Bill’s father and stepmother arrived. Today is our first full calendar day without someone arriving or leaving.

Today, my plan was to make tomato sauce. I was hoping to get a bunch of sauce in the freezer for future eating. Then I realized 1) I can buy jarred tomato sauce. I can buy it in the grocery store and I can buy it from Tomato Mountain and 2) I thus have other, more pressing issues.

So, today I’m not making tomato sauce.… Continue reading →