That Time We Bought a Tuna (Via Kickstarter)

Well, a large piece of one.

Tuna is, by far, Bill’s favorite kind of fish. It’s also generally a problematic fish to eat. For example, it can be incorrectly identified, sometimes intentionally. Sometimes it’s a species that is woefully endangered. While we usually consult the Seafood Watch app for various fish dishes, tuna is just such a pain, we’ve about given up.

So, when a few folks I trust started tweeting about this kickstarter, I did what anyone would do: I forwarded it to the Ethical Tuna Lover in the house. And told him to feel free to back it.

And so, he did. While I didn’t initially expect him to go gangbusters, when that’s what he wanted, I was 100% on board with the plan.… Continue reading →