[125] Greek Lemon Soup – Meatless Monday

Cover of The Joy of Cooking (1997 reprint of 1975 edition)

Have I mentioned I’m resolved to try to participate in “Meatless Mondays”? I’m doing it mostly for personal health reasons (I’d also like to lose some weight and such), but also environmental reasons. Finally, it’s a surprisingly large challenge for me. I count anything with a face as “meat” and I aim to be completely meatless one day a week. So this means no fish, no fowl, no mammals in the most obvious form – meat – but also in less obvious forms, such as broth and stock.

I’m not always good at this. It’s been touch and go since I started the challenge. I haven’t managed it every week, but I think I’ve managed more weeks than I haven’t. Of course, since I hadn’t been tracking this in any way until a couple of weeks ago, I can’t actually say.… Continue reading →

[1] Whole-Grain Griddle Cakes

Joy of Cooking

We have a funny way of making pancakes in this house. Namely: we don’t have a big griddle to make them on, so they come off the pan one or two at a time. This leads to eating in the kitchen while waiting for the next one to come off the pan. We’ll also alternate who makes each one so that the other can enjoy theirs while it is hot.

As far as heat is concerned, let the pan get hot over a medium heat. Add your butter (what else?), add the batter, and wait until you see bubbles popping and not closing back up. Flip the pancake, then turn the heat off. Repeat a lot.

This says it makes “about fourteen 4-inch cakes”.… Continue reading →

The Joy of Cooking (1997 reprint of 1975 edition)

Joy of Cooking

I’m sure that you’ve heard of this book. You’ve probably even seen one. There are a million editions. My mom gave me a copy, and Natasha has one that she’s not certain the providence of (the one I’m talking about here). It’s the classic “give to your kids when they go away to college” book.

Of course, this one is from the 70s, and so it’s got some surprise recipes. Molded Creamed Fish? We’ll probably skip this one.

Number of recipes in this book: 4500
Number we’ve cooked: 1

You can click on the “joy of cooking” tag below to see recipes from this book we’ve made. The book link is an affiliate link via Amazon.com, so if you click on the book and buy something from Amazon.com,… Continue reading →