A Time for Everything

It’s a snow day here in Portland, Oregon. We got somewhere between six and nine inches of snow last night. Maybe even more, but given how bad I am at estimating sizes of things1, I won’t try harder to be sure.

It’s not the first snow day we’ve had, but somehow it feels more like a snow day than any other. Maybe it’s how damn much snow is out there, or maybe it’s how quiet it is inside. I’m not sure. Nor am I sure if I care to figure out the “why” rather than just experience things as they are. In this case, it’s a snow day kind of day. I have tea. I have an urge to write. My tea is in a new, fabulous mug from the fantastic Deb Cooperman, and it’s encouraging my tea-ing and writing.… Continue reading →

A little bit on gardening and self-sufficiency

Bill and I just renewed the lease on our apartment, so we’ll be staying in this house about another year. It’s already the longest I, personally, have stayed put in my adult life. By the time we leave, which we intend to do next year, it will feel as if we’ve lived in this home forever. In fact, it’ll have been a little less than three years.

The first year we lived here, we moved in the middle of the summer. Heck, we mentioned it briefly here on this little blog. Of course, August is entirely too late in the year to plant anything, so for our first summer here, we grew nothing.

Last year, I posted about our first little garden early in the year, and then basically nothing for the rest of the year.… Continue reading →

Food blogs

What food-related blogs do you guys, my readers, also read (or write)? Or my husband. He can comment too. I know he reads a bunch of good ones, but I end up failing to remember the ones he mentions.

I have been feeling, recently, that I don’t read enough food-related blogs. Then, of course, I wonder if I am sublimating my desire to buy a cookbook into feeling as if I should read more food blogs. The fact that I probably will never buy a cookbook again in my life may have a little something to do with this concern.

In any case, I’m curious what I’m missing out on, and so I’m asking here for links you write and/or like. And how many food(-related) blogs you read.… Continue reading →

Pumping the minds of my readers!

I plan to make a recipe of my own invention on Friday. I invented in for my final exam in “my cooking class”:http://www.fortheloveoffood.com/ way back when. I call it “Blueberry Hopeful”. I was hopeful it would come together and I would “pass”.

It did. Chef Diane helped a great deal.

However, I realized I have a question, and what better way to get an answer than to ask you folks?

What should I serve with it? “Blueberry Hopeful” is, in essence, chicken in blueberry sauce. It’s got some lime for tartness too, but that’s the core.

What would you all serve with it?… Continue reading →