So, here it is the middle of December and I didn’t even tell you all what happened in November. My apologies. Basically, after going so freaking hard in November I crashed, hard, in December.

I’m only just resurfacing, frankly. The shortened days always do a number on me, and it’s been a bit of an odd year overall. But I’m starting to come back up and I realized I should give you all the updates I can think of.

First, I did complete/”win” NaNoWriMo. The goal being 50,000 words in 30 days and I got a bit over 53,000 words. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not sure which, this wasn’t in any way the end of the story. So, I kept writing into December a few days, until the aforementioned crash.… Continue reading →

SlapShot Brewing Beer Debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary

I wasn’t planning to attend SlapShot Brewing’s beer debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary party. In fact, I didn’t even know about the event. When I found out about it, via my friend Jeremy tweeting his disappointment that he couldn’t attend, I seriously contemplated not going. However, not having any other plans, Bill strongly encouraging me to go, and a very honest desire to support debuts and events happening south of North Avenue really put me over the edge.

I’m glad. It was a blast, and it was a at least three different kinds of evenings all packed into one.

It started as a very low-key evening. The brewers and company were tightly packed at one large table and a couple of smaller tables. I ended up at a two-top a bit removed from them and decided to grab their beer and see what it was like.… Continue reading →

After the SausageFest, I Got into Some Mischief.

It was a busy beer weekend!

I don’t normally go to multiple events in a weekend, but a desire to check out the beers of OffColor Brewing combined with an unexpected chance to meet an internet beer buddy, Jeremy of SubBeerBia and an afternoon free of any other commitments (indeed, Bill was even off to a coffee event one day!) had last weekend’s afternoons booked in dedication of beer.

Before you ask, no, I was not hungover Monday. You didn’t get a post because there were some unexpected issues in our life (like a ceiling leak suddenly getting worse). BUT! I’ll concede it’s a reasonable question.

I met Jeremy and his wife, Sadie, at SausageFest. I also lucked into meeting Lori, a very new twitter friend.… Continue reading →