Happy Halloween! New Adventures Start Tomorrow.

I love seeing Halloween costumes. I’d love to give out candy, but in the entire time I’ve lived in Chicago, I never have. Not one knock on any of my doors. Alas. I realized, this year, that I had no Halloween plans. So we made some.

Tonight, we’re moving a couch. In the rain. Good times. I’m going to try to make soup for dinner, though I don’t know if I have all of the ingredients.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I embark upon a whole new adventure, mostly just to see if I can. Tomorrow is 1 November 2013, and I’m going to try NaNoWriMo for the first time in my life. While also traveling to the big, important birthday parties for my father-in-law (beginning of the month) and mother-in-law (end of the month).… Continue reading →