Nothing soothes like the food of my homeland – Repost & Update

I posted this entry four years and three months ago, to a blog that is now defunct. I’m reposting it here and now, with two minor changes. I felt it was an entry to share with you guys, because it highlights our connections to food a bit, it highlights how food can, in fact, make a person feel better and, maybe most of all, it’s about the food from the very area I am visiting now. The food I miss so much, and always stuff myself on. On top of all of that, it gives you a little insight into your blogger, and maybe that is valuable too. I’ll post a short four years later update at the end. Hint: My update will involve the handsome man in this photo.Continue reading →

Turkey Enchiladas

One of the things that prompted the start of this blog, back in 2010, was the fact that Bill and I bought a CSA share. Basically, we realized we’d occasionally get more food than we knew how to handle, as well as the occasional food item we couldn’t even identify.

What we didn’t know, that first year, was that our farmer had spent some time in our home state of New Mexico and so also had a taste for some of the foods we grew up on. So, we were delighted to see (and smell!) some Anaheim peppers in one of our boxes way back then.

The truth is that we’re always thrilled to see Anaheims in the box. Even now, into our third year with Tomato Mountain, the things that are so like New Mexico green chiles make us smile.… Continue reading →