The Poetry of Beer

Back when I was studying for my Cicerone exam my now-friend Chris at Ex Novo Brewing would pour me taster trays and have me guess which beers I had. This poem came about on one of those days, when I wrote down the guesses I had and noticed the order almost made a sentence. I kept the piece of paper, because it amused me. I realized there was no reason not to share it with you guys! First draft, and the bulk of the poem comes from Ex Novo beer names. Still, I hope you enjoy!

In your head
I’m peaching to the choir about

Alternative medicine

And friends with benefits.

I’m not.
She’s just

A casual ex.

Though the most interesting lager in the world,

She’s just Eliot.… Continue reading →

Not My Father’s Beer Adventure in PDX!

When Leslie of Not My Father’s Beer asked me to, effectively, write a guide for beer tourists in Portland, Oregon (PDX) I nearly laughed right out loud. First, it has to have been done before. Probably a bazillion times. And second, I had just barely moved here! What’d I know about the Portland beer scene, other than it’s reputed to be fantastic?

Then I “well actually”ed myself. I just moved here and I do know a thing or two about beer. I am basically a beer tourist in my own town right now, but I’ve been here long enough to lay down a few roots and get to know a few people, and I’m starting to get it moving. That makes me the perfect person to write such a guide!… Continue reading →