[78] Pork with Dried Apples and Prosciutto

Cover of Eating Well Serves Two

Also known as, “Pork with Dried Apples and Pork.”

At least, that’s how I saw it. Take your pork and season it with pork! YUM. If Nancy ever has Porkapallooza again, I’m finding a way to scale this recipe up to party size. That and do the pork liver wrapped in bacon thing I heard about in Kenya. But she knows about that pork + pork plan already. This is a new one.

Anyway, this is another pre-Thanksgiving meal. I think it’s even the last one. Like others (at least one other), a large part of the motivation was in having a meal that wouldn’t leave a lot of leftovers. However, and this is happening more and more (thankfully), it was also that I had almost all of the ingredients on hand.… Continue reading →

Eating Well Serves Two by the Editors of Eating Well Magazine

Cover of Eating Well Serves Two

This book, unlike the previously posted book, was a blatant cookbook grab on my part just before the challenge started (the challenge stated we’d buy no more cookbooks after 1 June 2010, and this one was purchased 30 May 2010). Mostly because I’d heard good things about it and I am always looking for a cookbook that is scaled down.

I haven’t, I have to admit, purchased a large number of “cooking for two” cookbooks, though I’ve thought about it. As is quite obvious, it’s not because I don’t like cookbooks or because I hesitate to buy them. It’s because most of them look dull or simplistic. In the case of this one, I bought it because it came extremely highly recommended by a person on one of my internet haunts.… Continue reading →