A link for today.

I had plans for a special post today, but it turns out life gets in the way sometimes, and you have to make a totally different post. Namely, life got in the way by Hostess (of Twinkie & Wonderbread fame) filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Now, I don’t know if you all recall my semi-shameful admission hidden in this long post here, but I love(d) me some Hostess Cupcakes.

Interestingly, after I went to the conference I posted about there, my Hostess Cupcake eating dropped dramatically. I left the conference to visit a good friend, who had driven 6 hours to come pick me up. On the 6 hour trip home, we stopped at a convenience store and I grabbed my faithful friend, the two-pack of Hostess Cupcakes.… Continue reading →